If you missed the May Andy Crouch Lecture on Jesus, Power & Privilege, click here to listen to an audio recording of it!

Click here to listen to past Avodah Project Speakers and be sure to check out this awesome interview with Pixar artist JP Vine about how his faith relates to his work.

Avodah is a Hebrew word that is translated both as work and as worship in the Bible. While Sunday might seem like a different world than Monday, the Bible says that your work can be worship and should be glorifying to God.

The Avodah Project (pronounced AH-vo-dah) exists to equip and encourage Christians to be a creative presence in the workplace. We say creative not to emphasize the creative arts, but to emphasize our call to be proactively participating in the work of Jesus and the Kingdom he brings in all of our workplaces. 

To learn more about the Avodah Project, you can read about it's Background, Theology, and Objectives

Feel free to email info@solanochurch.org with any questions. Please note that Avodah will not be meeting over the summer months of June - August.