Solano Community



We envision a community of Christ followers who make

loving God and neighbor an everyday reality.


Our mission is to make and mature radically devoted Christ followers.

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Home Groups

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Upcoming Events

Exploring Christianity - From September 16 (newcomers welcome throughout the duration of the course)

Do you have questions about Christianity? Is there someone you know who would like a safe place to ask questions and learn the basics of the faith? Then join us for Exploring Christianity! We are meeting on Friday evenings this fall at 7pm. A meal is provided and there is a guided discussion on the core beliefs of Christians. Anyone who is curious about Jesus is welcome! We also encourage regular attendees of Solano to attend with a seeking friend. Contact Pastor Brent for more information and to sign up at

Solano Women's Retreat, March 3-5 2017

Taking Place at Alliance Redwoods, the theme of this year's retreat is 'come away'. More information to follow. Email Nicole Iwawaki for more info at

Alpha Training Course, January 28th. 

Alpha is a course for non-Christians and searchers that systematically goes through the basic principals of Christianity. This January 28th in San Francisco there will be a training course aimed at anyone interested in running an Alpha course, or simply anyone who find it challenging to talk about their faith. A team from Solano is attending and would love to have you join them. Sign up at and contact Danny Chee for more information at