What to Expect

  • Christ-centered singing, prayer, study and weekly communion
  • Casual, warm, welcoming atmosphere
  • Gathering of diverse people from around the world
  • Scripture-based preaching with practical application
  • Caring, conscientious Children's Ministry
  • Opportunities for further connection and study

What it Means

At the root of the word "worship" is the word "worth." To worship is "to attribute worth" to something. We "attribute worth" to many things; it is part of what it means to be human. And what we value most shapes how we view the world and move through it. Because of this, worship is a remarkably powerful act. A Christian is a person who is learning to worship Jesus Christ above all else.

We attribute worth to Jesus Christ when we sing to him, pray to him, study his word in Scripture and when we share in communion. But we also attribute worth to Jesus Christ when, empowered by the Spirit, we love our co-worker, take care of the poor or serve the people closest to us. Worship is meant to encompass all of life.

As a worshipping community, we gather together on Sundays to encourage the worshipping life through song, prayer, study and communion. As God enables, we move through the rest of the week worshipping Christ through our thoughts and actions. The two modes, Sunday gathering and the weekday living, mutually support one another.

None of us has reached the goal but we are on the journey. Join us and let's learn to worship together.