Gospel Academy is Solano Community Church's way to train and disciple our community. For more information see the video and information below. 


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our Gospel Academy cohort

The Need

The crisis facing churches is how do we make disciples who are grounded in the Gospel yet equipped to lovingly and courageous engage in an increasingly secular culture?  To meet this need, Solano has envisioned a discipleship process that is patient yet deliberate, teaching oriented yet highly relational, requiring commitment yet integrated with established rhythms of church life.

The Vision

As part of our discipleship pathway, the Gospel Academy Cohort will take a small group of committed members through six core teaching modules over the course of a year. This cohort will act as the members' new home group for the short term. We believe this model will create a training environment that is also highly relational  so that members are influencing one another towards Christ-likeness. 

The Outcome

By investing in church members through a relationship based training environment, we will improve our capacity to send out waves of Gospel ambassadors to impact the Bay Area and beyond.

  • And he appointed twelve (whom he also named apostles) so that they might be with him and he might send them out to preach  and have authority to cast out demons... (Mark 3:14)

    Purpose and Vision: By investing in committed church members through a relationship based training environment, we will improve our capacity to send out waves of Gospel ambassadors to impact the Bay Area and beyond.


    A small group of 8-12 Solano members will go through a one year relational, discipleship experience. 

    • This group will meet regularly together as their new Home Group, led by two facilitators

    • Participants will  discuss topics within six Gospel Academy core modules including Gospel Life and Calling, Bible, Theology, Community, Transformation, and Mission

    Values (What shapes the way we approach Gospel Academy) 

    1. We will create a highly relational environment.   (1Thess 2:8

    2. We will gather committed participants who will influence one another. (Proverbs 27:17)

    3. We will utilizing diverse content from diverse Biblical perspectives.  (1 Co 3:5–6

    4. We will focus on training for practical application. (Mk 3:14–15

    5. We will emphasize dialogue and self discovery.  (Eph 4:15). 

    Outcomes: What do we want trained ambassadors to understand/walk away with because of the Cohort? 

    • A growing sense of their personal calling and direction from Christ

    • Equipped to engage a multi-ethnic environment with grace, discernment, and appreciation

    • Improved relational capacity including ability to navigate conflict and crucial conversations

    • A greater grasp of leadership principles and hands on experience in leading aspects of the church

    • Deeper relationships with other participants and current leaders

    • Feeling empowered to impact Solano Church and beyond with their gifts, vision, and stories

    • How can members be a part of a Gospel Academy Cohort?

      • The first group will be a “beta” group and will be selected by the Gospel Academy leadership team with input from Home Group leaders. 

      • We intend to launch one or more Gospel Academy Cohorts every year. Our hope is that anyone who wants to go through this training experience will have the opportunity to do so. 

      • We have not established a long term selection process but are considering an application process for those who would like to participate.

    • Will this hurt Home Groups?

      • We do expect it will be hard for participants to leave their Home Groups for the duration of the cohort. 

      • BUT sending out leaders and core teams to launch new Home Groups is already built into the DNA of the current Home Group model. We are only introducing an intermediate step of going through a more extensive training process. 

      • We believe this training experience will enhance the ability of our church to multiply Home Groups and for Home Group leaders to receive adequate equipping for such an important leadership role. 

    • What kind of commitment does participation in GAC involve? 

      • Our goal in creating this model was to use the already existing Home Group model. That way, we are not asking people to commit to much more than they are already committed to as Home Group participants. 

      • They will need to commit to doing reading and assignments outside the cohort time. 

      • We will provide all the resources a Home Group would provide for families with kids such as childcare.

      • Members are not required to leave their Home Group, but we ask them to prioritize their cohort commitment  over other church commitments. We recognize that for most people, participating in the cohort and a Home Group is too much. 

    • Who should go through this cohort experience? 

      • We believe this cohort is the right next step for church members who have

        • made a commitment to Solano church as their home church

        • are already participating in a Home Group, 

        • and/or are serving or have served in some capacity as a volunteer

    • Is going through this cohort required for leadership in the church?

      • We have not made that a requirement, but we hope this cohort model is fruitful in helping us raise up equipped and motivated leaders for Solano and beyond.