• Andrew Hoffman - Lead Pastor

    Pastor Andrew Hoffman and his wife, Jodie, live in Albany, CA. Andrew received his M.Div. at Trinity International University and also completed an M.A. in New Testament at Trinity, under the direction of noted theologian D.A. Carson. He holds degrees in literature and music from UC Santa Barbara and is the Executive Director of ReachNetwork, the church planting arm of the Evangelical Free Church of America. In addition to ministry, Andrew is passionate about family, friends, cycling and reading. Andrew and Jodie have four adult children.

    Email: ahoffman at

  • Paul Nuñez  - Associate Pastor

    Paul comes from a diverse background, having a bi-racial Mexican and Anglo ethnicity. Growing up in the poorer Burbank neighborhood in San Jose but educated in mostly upper-middle-class schools, Paul gave his life to Christ in 1999 while a freshman at UC Davis through the outreach of Cru. He married Jaimie in 2005 and they have the joy of raising three kids together. After graduation, he worked with Cru in campus ministry for 14 years. He recently served as an associate pastor for three years in Livermore, CA. 

    As a pastor, he loves digging into Scripture and is zealous for expository Bible teaching that is Christ-centered. He has a diplomatic leadership style and that aims to foster unity, ownership, and teamwork. Paul loves board games, playing and watching sports, and stimulating conversations over a good cup of coffee. 

    Email: paul at

  • Miguel Castuera - Assistant Pastor of Worship & Missions

    Miguel was born in Burbank, California, to a Mexican immigrant family. He began vocational ministry at the age of 17 at his home church in Glendora, California. During that time, he completed a B.A. in Music at U.C. Riverside. He enjoys spicy food, cycling, and socializing with all kinds of people. He married Olesia in 2019 and had a "Mexikranian" wedding with mariachis. Miguel sees music as an important tool for the spread of the gospel in the Bay Area.

    Email: miguel at

  • Jodie Hoffman - Director of Youth Ministry

    Jodie is a native of Berkeley CA. Born and raised here, she knows and appreciates the Bay Area, yet also remembers the struggle to find Christian peers and community growing up here. She teaches Piano and got her education from UC Santa Barbara and Northwestern University. She has lived in and participated in missions in other countries and is passionate about God’s love of unity and varietylanguage, culture, and color. Her desire and passionate prayer is to help the next generation understand their true identity as image-bearers of God, desire intimacy with him, and know the love of Jesus that surpasses knowledge! 

    Email: jodie at

  • Emily Hansen -  Children's Ministry Director

    Emily grew up in a loving Christian home in the Central Valley (209!) and moved to the Bay Area a little over a decade ago to study at Cal. She earned a BA in Dance and Performance Studies, and went on to earn a MS in Dance/Movement Therapy from Sarah Lawrence College. Despite being quiet and introverted, Emily loves to be in community and to worship the Lord and share stories through creative outlets like dance, music and drama. She enjoys traveling, learning what being the Church can look like in different cultures, long walks in nature (or long walks in general), reading, and spending too much time talking about anything by Tolkien. 

    Email: emily at

  • Emily Tyler -  Children's Ministry Coordinator

    Emily was raised in a Christian home, as her father was a pastor in her early years. She came to faith early, and the Lord has continued to call her ever since. Coming from South Carolina, she and her husband Nick moved to the East Bay in late 2021. Familiar with the feeling of being left out Emily loves making friends and helping others feel connected. She loves trying new things, going to new places, eating new foods, and sharing all those experiences.

    Email: emilytyler at

  • Martin Kang -  Interim Operations Director

    Simultaneously born with his brother into a Christian home in Southern California, Martin came to personally know Jesus as a sophomore in high school. He spent a few formatively painful years living in Korea, grew up in the San Gabriel Valley, and came up to the Bay Area in 1997 for college, and studied American Studies at Cal. There are far too many books, succulents, and coffee-related supplies in his apartment—but he thoroughly enjoys them all. 

    Email: martin at

  • Denise Boyle - Administrative Assistant and Interim Admin. Coordinator

    Denise is a Bay Area native.  Raised in a Christian home, she came to know Jesus as her personal savior as a young child.  She is a wife to Edward (since 1993) and mom to two daughters, Erin born in 1998 and Dylan born in 2005.  Denise has never met a craft she doesn't like, and as the wife of a hardware store owner has become handier than she ever imagined was possible.

    Email: denise at


  • Elders

    The biblical roles for elders can be summarized as teaching, modeling, overseeing, and praying, as found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, Acts 20:28 and 1 Peter 5:1-3. 

    The elders participate in and serve as the advisory body for Preaching and Teaching. Shepherding of Home Group leaders, Gospel Academy, Pastoral Counseling, and Agape Teams.

    Solano's elders are selected by the current elders via prayer, demonstrated calling and an interview process that includes their testimony, agreement to our Statement of Faith, views on our secondary and tertiary doctrines, personal character, Vision Alignment, and references from inside and outside our church.

    Our current elders are:

    Andrew Hoffman, Jason Lau, John Iwawaki, Peter Konz

    You can contact them by emailing elders at

  • Council

    The council helps to ensure the spiritual direction of the church and establish the purpose, mission, and values of the church through the following capacities: reviewing the ministry of the Senior Pastor; overseeing and recommending an annual budget; aiding in the care of staff and establishment of HR procedures; overseeing the missions committee; adding new members; and helping advise in the stewardship of facilities.

    Our current council members are:

    Andrew Hoffman, Dave M., Lauren Crustinger, Paul Sluis and Melissa Lau.

    You can contact them by emailing council at