what is The Gospel?

The Gospel

God has given us his thoughts on the most pressing issues of life. In fact, there isn’t an inch of this universe he’s not concerned about. There isn't a breath taken that doesn't register on God's radar. God's caring and attentive focus includes you, regardless of what your circumstances may be.

Solano Church is a community seeking to plumb the depths of God's eternal wisdom and draw up insights from this precious well which shape our everyday lives. Somewhere along the way, we discover that what God wants most is not merely to teach us, he wants to build a relationship with us. But how can that happen?

Realistic people see there are a lot of things wrong in our world. Honest people admit that by our actions and our inactions, we all bear responsibility. Scripture calls our share of the responsibility for the world's problems our "sin" and the result of sin is separation from God. The good news is that Jesus Christ overcomes sin and, through his death on the cross and his triumphant resurrection, restores us in relationship to the God who created us.

Like all good relationships, our relationship with God through Christ has a transforming effect. As we integrate God's wisdom into our lives and learn to live in his presence, something wonderful happens. We become whole people. Our fragmented selves coalesce around the vision of loving God and each other.

Whole people, in turn, have a transforming effect on the world around them. They lovingly and positively impact relationships - marriages, friendships, families and communities. Transformed people can transform cities, regions, and beyond...wherever God leads.

Is it possible to make a difference? In spite of the problems with this world, our answer is a resounding yes. Join us on this exciting journey and add your voice to make this "yes" just that much louder.