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Finding and Following Jesus

2000 years ago a few average guys strapped on their sandals, fell in behind a Jewish carpenter and began a seemingly ordinary trek across the dusty roads of Israel. By the end of the journey, however, their lives had been turned upside down. Soon the world was turned upside down as more and more people fell in behind them.

OPISO (oh-PEE-so), means “follow” in the language of Jesus’ day and the OPISO blog is a journey to explore what it means today, to find and follow Jesus. Along the way, we embrace a critical tension: Rock solid truths are in the Scriptures, but people need time, space and a process to integrate them into their lives. Think of OPISO as a kind of Inn along the way, where you can get the next map, talk with fellow travelers, ask for directions or just take in some refreshment.

If you’re just getting started, try the OPISO Spiritual Growth Inventory to discover areas of personal strength and weakness. The Resources pages will provide pathways for growth. “Reviews” will help you sort through resources. Finally, look for monthly blogs on important OPISO issues in the Finding and Following section. And, of course, please share your comments with us and with the rest of the OPISO community.